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The NAUMD has partnered with Savings4Members to bring the savings power of national contracts to our members.  They leverage the buying power of over 1 million small businesses to generate savings of 10% to 20% over what you can do alone.

Savings4Members has an account manager assigned to the NAUMD to help you determine which contracts can save you money.  Then, they will help you get set up with that contract to begin realizing the savings from that contract.

Here are some of the contracts you can now access as a member of the NAUMD:

Payroll Services             Logo                   Credit Card Processing        Logo

Wireless Services            Logo                  Office Supplies                          Logo  

Hiring Services                Logo                   Catering                                      Logo

Check Guarantee            Logo                  Freight Shipping                     Logo        


What do you get from NAUMD Membership?

1.  Best networking opportunities in our industry.  Active participants are the owners and executives from all of North America.

2.  Promote your company through the Image of the Year and Public Safety Best Dressed award programs.

3.  Solve problems and save money through access to national contracts available to members.

4.  Improve employee productivity through an on line, on demand education platform specific to the uniform and image apparel industry.

5. Gain access to research projects and surveys that produce unique information about our industry.

6. Attend the annual convention to establish relationships and obtain new information that helps you build a better future for your company.

How Can You Get More Involved in the NAUMD?

Join a task force.  The NAUMD uses the task force concept to continually improve the association.  Its a great way for you to connect with other association members and contribute something meaningful to our industry.  Over the next few months, we will creating new task forces to tackle issues around these topics:  1) Improving our awards program   2) Developing industry research projects & surveys   3) Creating on line education programs   4) Negotiating national contracts for the membership.  If you are interested in any of these topics, send an email to Neal Waters, President of the NAUMD.  At the next opportunity, you will be contacted to be part of a task force.

The task force model is different from a typical committee in three ways that make it a better volunteer experience for most people.  A task force is smaller - 3 to 5 people - so that it can operate more effectively.  Also, you are given a narrowly defined mission to accomplish with specific goal to define success.  Finally, once the mission is complete, the task force dissoves - usually lasting no more than a few months.  

To join send your email to: