The NAUMD wants to be the first place you go to when you need information on the uniform industry.  We are taking a major step toward that goal with the launch of NAUMD University.  By the end of October, you will have access to three (3) new programs.


MONTHLY RESEARCH PROJECTS:  Each month, NAUMD will email you a report on a topic relevant to the uniform industry.  Our first report will be on the effect of the Trans Pacific Partnership on the apparel & textile industry.  We invite you to request topics for us to research.  And, we will do additional research if you have follow up questions on a published topic.


QUARTERLY UNIFORM INDUSTRY FORECASTS:  Each quarter, you will receive a forecast report prepared by ITR Economics.  This is the company founded by our speaker, Alan Beaulieu, at the last convention.  The report will track eight industries that are the primary purchasers of uniforms from our members.  The report will forecast three years into the future where these industries will be in their business cycles.


ON DEMAND LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:  All of your employees will have access to over 5,000 business courses.  Courses can be access with phones, tablets and desktops on a 24/7 basis.  Each employee will have their own account with a tailored curriculum based on their manager's input.  NAUMD will set up and manage these accounts for you. Managers can have email updates on the progress of their team.   Courses are divided by topics which include:  sales & customer service, leadership & management, business software, workplace safety, HR compliance and business skills.  In addition, NAUMD is creating unique courses specifically for the uniform industry. Topics include fabric education, garment production, outerwear, hi visibility garments and footwear.