So far in this series on generosity, I've talked about how selling is about giving and being in service to others.

I've shown you how there are three paths to success as a generous seller, beginning with what you can do on a personal level.

Let's turn now to the second path: making a difference with a team. In particular, how you as a sales leader can be generous with your team and influence their results.

The way you treat people on your team has a direct impact on how they feel about their own work, how they treat others, and whether they stay or go. Yet this is often overlooked by sales managers—even in cases where there's a high turnover rate on their sales team.

Despite what many leaders think, people don't leave companies: they leave managers. Top sellers want to work for people they feel are personally vested in them and whose hard work has a direct bearing on the sales success of the people they manage. Just as important, your team of sellers absorbs the internal culture you create and emulates it outside to clients. You get what you give.

That's why I say selfishness doesn't sell, especially when it comes to working with a team. You need them to be generous sellers, so first you must be a generous leader.

When most of us look in the mirror, we instantly view ourselves as being generous. But a careful self-examination of your thoughts and behaviours often reveals there's a lot of room left for improvement. Time for a reality check!

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