Milliken & Company’s Specialty Interiors business announces its partnership with The Gifted Company. The Gifted Company is a North Carolina-based subsidiary of a nonprofit organization dedicated to training and employing individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty to work in the textile industry in commercial sewing roles. Based in the historical heart of America’s textile industry, this organization works to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and hopelessness by working directly with local homeless populations to provide much-needed training and interviewing and business skills. Their efforts allow trainees to transition back into the work world, to support themselves long-term, and to regain confidence.

Through the relationship, Milliken Specialty Interiors will donate fabric remnants and overstock items to The Gifted Company for use in their products. From these remnants, The Gifted Company’s workers sew and produce apparel, accessories, home décor items, and other goods, which are sold at Proceeds from the sale of these items are used to pay the salaries of workers and to support additional training initiatives, bringing new trainees into the system. Read More