Innovation Awards 

2018 Winners


Elbeco – Public Safety Product Innovation

The Reflex Uniform redefines the Daily Duty Uniform by combining Class A appearance with Class B functionality, performance and comfort. The stretch Ripstop fabric is enhanced with Nano Fluid Repellency and UV Protection. The increased flex in the material allows for increased range of motion with 100% recovery for a garment that does not stretch out.


Bulkwark Protective Apparel/VF – Fabric Innovation

This performance FR fabric uses iQ technology, allowing for an overall lighter fabric with increased breathability, resistance to abrasion, and enhanced moisture-wicking properties. iQ Endurance is a woven FR fabric that is a 65% Cotton/35% Polyester blend.


Original Footwear – Footwear Innovation

With its abundance of safety technologies, the Classic 9" POB (Public Order Boot) was designed to keep feet protected no matter what you’re called to face. Trust these advanced boots to help restore public order in the midst of the most violent and unpredictable situations. The Original S.W.A.T® Public Order Boot meets a long list of safety standards across the globe and is now fully certified to British Standard BS 7971 2016 Part 5 Footwear.


VF – Garment Innovation – Comfort

Motion capture technology was used to scientifically map the stretch of skin and movement of limbs. Garments were further analyzed to determine the way fabric moves across the body in motion, identifying areas of tightness, tension, and restriction, which can negatively impact wearers both physically and psychologically.


VF – Garment Innovation – Function

Ethnographic and end user insights studies have shown that freedom of movement and comfort are crucial to the physically active end user’s physical and psychological well being. Using MIMIX patented technlogy, strategically placed flex panels within the garments allow for optimal mobility,


Penn Emblem – Badge or Emblem Design

PennFlex™ Emblems are flexible layered thermoplastic emblems offers a premium look to brand logos and artwork. Patches can be made with a variety of unique effects, such as metallic and matte finishes, adding dimension and texture your apparel decoration. Lightweight and flexible, the emblems can also be bonded to a variety of different materials.