Editor's Note: Through an arrangement with Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW), The Pulse is pleased to present the following article written by NAUMD's own Steve Zalkin. Steve has become the go-to expert on industry matters for many publications. The piece appears in an upcoming issue of the PCIAW Voice:

Image apparel. Career apparel. Identity wear. Corporate clothing. Uniforms. No matter the moniker, what one wears to work is essential to how the public identifies who can help them when in need. That is because uniforms are the ultimate communicator of an organization’s branding - and create a solid impression even before the employee has spoken.

Uniforms today are a far cry from their prosaic past. Garments come in a variety of styles and options, color reigns supreme, and accessories play a starring role in many apparel programs. Interchangeable collections allow a coordinated look that identifies the wearer without the need for being identical. There are even eco-friendly products for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. A U.S. Tennis Open fan? This year’s ball person uniform was made from an average of seven recycled plastic bottles; the 2020 event will use 2019 tennis ball cans to create the wardrobe. Read More