2019 NAUMD Rising Stars


Rachel Tate

VF Workwear, Business Development Manager 

We all have our “go-to” people. According to those who work with her, Rachel is one of these. A hands-on executive, she is always willing to take on more and tackle challenging problems, and delivers well thought-out solutions with the customers perspective always in the forefront.

Rachel Tate has been with VF for 7 years and each of her roles have increased in responsibility. She began her career as a territory sales rep before moving to national programs and then landing as a business development manager for the past 5 years. 

Not only has Rachel taken a leadership role in expanding and managing existing business, but she has created a new sub distribution channel for VF. Her success has altered the landscape of how the company goes to market, develops new products and delivers both distribution and customer expectations. 

Active in numerous associations, she has coordinated numerous seminars and has served as keynote speaker. She is married and has a young son, Parker.


 Ulysses Garcia

J.A. Uniforms, Sales Manager 

At age 30, Ulysses moved his young family from New York to South Florida to accept an operations position at J.A. Uniforms. His passion for the business was evident since day one and it wasn’t long before he was promoted to a sales position. There, his soft-spoken demeanor and newfound mastery of all things uniforms quickly earned him a roster of repeat customers. So too did an authentic sales style centered on building relationships. Guided by a sense of urgency, Ulysses set the tone for younger coworkers. 

Noted for his professionalism, his wide network of customers earned him the top sales spot at J.A. Uniforms, a title he has held for several consecutive years. It’s worth noting that Ulysses came to J.A. Uniforms as a complete novice. In the span of a year he memorized all the key reference numbers for a wide variety of garments. Moreover, he learned to quote intricate custom uniforms using little more than a pencil, paper and his memory. And he did so in both English and Spanish. Optimizing his Spanish speaking skills proved especially helpful in hotel departments populated by Hispanic workers he won over handily. 

Simply put, but for Ulysses, J.A. Uniforms would not have achieved the meteoric rise it has experienced over the past decade. He is also a believer in giving back A longtime volunteer of Bridge to Hope, Ulysses routinely delivers outdated or surplus garments to low-income and in-crisis families. He quietly identifies opportunities for J.A. Uniforms to leverage surplus inventory in support of emerging needs. The wildfires in California come to mind as his latest community engagement. For Ulysses, charity begins at home, though. He routinely helps his colleagues with matters large and small. And he personifies a corporate culture that values respect and urgency.


2018 NAUMD Rising Stars

Dani Halfhill

Galls, Sr. Sales Manager Postal


 Jonathan Edberg

Cobmex, Executive Vice President