2021 Convention Keynote Speaker

Gabrielle Bosche


Gabrielle is known as America's Millennial expert. She is one of the most requested speakers on generational leadership and Millennial motivation. Gabrielle is the bestselling author of four books on her generation--including 5 Millennial Myths: The Handbook For Managing and Motivating Millennials. Gabrielle has been featured on NPR, Sirius XM, Fox Business, TIME and others for her work on generations. Gabrielle's popular TEDx Talk challenges whether Millennials will be the next great generation, and has taken her to stages around the world. Gabrielle is the Founder and President of The Millennial Solution based in Washington, D.C.
Session description:
Bridging The Generation Gap: The Science Backed Strategies To Working And Selling With The Next Generation
- Retaining Millennials – 65% of Millennials admit to looking for another job right now. Master the science behind Millennial management and motivation.
- Marketing to Millennials – Millennials now have the largest buying power. Learn how to explode brand loyalty and transform consumers into your raving fans!
- Generational diversity – There are five generations in the workplace. Discover best practices to reach, retain and lead each generation and prepare for the next generational wave before your competitors.

More information about Gabrielle is available at http://gabriellebosche.com/


Convention Speakers

Emily Robertson-Hood

MOTIF is the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their businesses, lives and careers. Emily will discuss best practices in the apparel development.  She will define why fit matters and how it directly impacts market success.  What tools and processes are available for delivering fit consistency.  The presentation will also discuss How to Prepare and Run a Fit Session.